Oslo Psych Fest: – We need to support the underground scene as its what shapes all facets of our cultural life

*Stem nederst i saken*

Oslo Psych Fest er nominert til prisen for Årets Lokale arrangør 2013. Her er juryens begrunnelse:

«Én ting er sikkert: Det arrangeres IKKE for få festivaler i Norge. Hvert år får tusenvis av festivaler masse spenn for å sette Oslo Ess og/eller Datarock på plakaten i en eller annen obskur bygd. Det er en uting, både kulturelt og økonomisk. Da er det godt med nye tilskudd som Oslo Psych Fest: Et DIY-prosjekt som fikk lurt band som Disappears, Wolf People, Los Plantronics og chilenske Holydrug Couple ned i kjelleren på Revolver første helgen i desember. Norge har altså fått sin første festival for psykedelisk rock, etter modell av veletablerte Austin Psych Fest. Vi håper revolvermennene ikke ble slått personlig konkurs og gleder oss til en enda bedre Psych Fest neste desember!»

Hva synes du selv var høydepunktet på Oslo Psych Fest 2013?

– For me the best shows of the festival was The Holydrug Couple and Sauna Youth but the actual highlight of the whole thing was when it had all ended and nobody had cancelled and the weather didn’t destroy our plans on the first year. All of us headed up to the office, opened a nice bottle of wine and toasted the whole crazy 3 days. That was precious.

Hva kunne vært bedre?

– There of course could have been more people, as usual, Saturday sold out, Friday could have done with an extra 30-40 people and Thursday too, but we broke even on our first year so no complaints.

Drømmebooking for 2014?

– Spacemen 3 reunion, Silver Apples.

Beste konsert i 2013?

– Bobby Conn, Black Pus, Tremoro tarantura, White Hills… I could go on.

Og den verste?

– Black Debbath at Øya.

Ditt livs live-opplevelse?

– With over 1000+ shows its impossible to answer, but high up there: Bardo Pond, The Ex with Getatchew Mekuria, Trouble.

Hva kan du røpe om Oslo Psych Fest 2014?

– We have a lot of hooks out in the water, and we are hoping the right fish bite. If they do, this year will be hard to beat!

Hvem er din favoritt blant de andre nominerte?

– Definitely a big Haust fan! Not listened to the new King Midas enough to comment.  Restaurants etc, I will be loyal to my homies and say Revolver for all the above.

Hva blir kultur-Oslos største utfordring fremover?

– The ability to keep booking fresh and exciting bands where only 30 people turn up, and stay financially stable. These bands NEED to play in Oslo on their first tours and not on the 3rd tour when people have talked about them in Sweden and Germany for years. We need to really support the underground scene as its what shapes all facets of our cultural life and what predicts the way mainstream culture will evolve. It is CRITICALLY important that the Government keeps giving support to smaller clubs to book these artists to keep the town fresh and alive. I cannot emphasize that enough!!!!!!!!

Hva var årets beste…

– Partying until 8am with My Bloody Valentine in their hotel rooms after Norwegian Wood.

– Morgan Delt – Barbarian Kings, though I only heard it this year :-)

– The squid salad at Taksura, RCA in Bangkok. I still wake up sweating from the chilli

– I read basically nothing in 2013 and I am ashamed to admit it, I am currently reading Psychedelia by Patrick Lundborg.

– A decent pair of travel speakers.

– Mezut Ozil.

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