5 i bag’en – Alexander Horne

Det nye Oslo-Baserte plateselskapet Fine Grains er klare for sin første utgivelse, Fine Grains Vol 1, en samling beat-baserte låter fra de første artistene signert på labelet. Du kan sjekke ut en Soundcloud-preview her, eller kjøpe utgivelsen via hjemmesiden deres. Få også med deg slippfesten på Turkish Delight den 16. november, med gratis inngang hele kvelden!

Vi har fått labelsjef Alexander Horne, kanskje bedre kjent for Oslo-Publikummet som DJ Uraki Riddim, til å plukke fem låter for oss, på engelsk, språket vi alle snart snakker uansett. Nyt dem med respekt!

1. Lee Gamble – “Nowhen Hooks” (PAN records)

I only heard of Lee Gamble recently through ‘Diversions 1994 – 1996’, a collection of soundscapes based on tape samples from Jungle tunes released in that period, It blew my mind.This is from his next album ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’. Sounds like one of those odd records John Peel would play at the wrong speed or Jon Hassel & Brian Eno melted into an early 90s rave record playing backwards.

2. Auntie Flo – «Sun Ritual»(Kompakt)

Auntie Flo has gathered much favourable attention since his first release on Huntley & Palmers. One of Scotland’s finest current DJs & promoters has been hard at it for close to ten years so it is certainly well deserved. He was talking about an obsession with little toy keyboards recently, I think I can hear some on ‘Sun Ritual’ alongside the lush swooping Caribou-esque warmth that coats the rest of the track. A 100% Vitamin D track.

3. Offshore – «Breeze» (Big Dada)

Offshore is an artist I know from my home city Aberdeen, even though neither of us live there anymore, so It has been a real inspiration hearing his sound develop and progress release by release. ‘Pacer’ was arguably his best release before ‘Bake Haus’ – his debut LP on Big Dada that came out this week. From that album – ‘Breeze’ went down big when I played it before TNGHT at Blå, a good example of the Offshore mix of emotive but tough beats.

4.OL – «Combination» (Error Broadcast)

Sometimes after a few Fernet Blancas, I have been known to blurt out that hearing OL’s productions for the first time was a bit like when I first discovered J Dilla (RIP). That is obviously a drink fuelled exaggeration but, the Moscow based producer is insanely good. Techno, footwork, house, hip hop – he does it all with ease and in his own style. “Combination” samples Wu Tang Clan and bangs. Watch out for an upcoming collaboration from this guy on Fine Grains)

5. Debruit – «Ouest Wind’s Seagulls» (Mwëslee Remix) (Civil Music)

Can’t stop listening to this track and can’t wait to play it out in the clubs! This remix from Mwës blows the roof off and transforms the oddball original in to an explosive ecstasy fuelled instrumental hip hop ride. One for fans of Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Interesting fact, Mwëslee used to headline gigs playing with the latter and is an absolute don playing live on a vintage Russian synth.